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MariElla Labels has years of experience in developing e-paper processes and its ESL-solution. From the very beginning MariElla Labels has concentrated on the true needs of retail business. Based on those needs evolved the EllaRetail Pricing Solution. Our goal is not to offer the fanciest or most expensive solution. The goal is to offer the best solution.

The best can only be achieved by listening to the customer. This is exactly what we've done from the beginning and continue to do. EllaRetail Pricing Solution was developed in close cooperation with the customers. As a result we can offer a genuinely effective and flexible solution that will adapt to any retail environment while saving time and money.

There is a skilled group of talented people behind EllaRetail Pricing Solution. Embedded systems, FPGA-programming, radar and radio frequency technologies as well as building and programming are all every-day tasks at MariElla Labels. Materials and technologies are incorporated with an open mind. Work is regarded with passion: outdoing oneself on a daily basis with the customer in mind.

Electronic pricing solution is justifiable only if it pays itself back fast enough. At MariElla Labels the ROI calculations are done one-on-one and the solution itself is customer-specific. If ROI calculation does not justify the investment then EllaRetail system is not recommended.


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